The Burning Bush - Book by Dr. Paul Schulze


Complete Book PDF available here: The Burning Bush


When was the last time you felt really alive? How long has it been since you were truly caught up in something you were excited about, something bigger than yourself, something meaningful and lasting? When you go to sleep at night, are you at peace with yourself, or is there a restlessness tugging at you from somewhere deep inside? Does this restlessness say something like: "There’s got to be more to life than this!" or "Something important is missing!" Is there a part of you that longs for a deep sense of security and confidence that you matter, and that your life has a purpose? If any of these questions stir you, there’s a good chance you are experiencing spiritual hunger pangs.

Each day in my work as a clinical psychologist and family counselor, I witness people who are afraid, confused, hurting, angry, frustrated, and emotionally overwhelmed. Many have a vague yet very real sense of emptiness and insecurity which underlie the conscious and disturbing symptoms which bring them to my office looking for help. Psychologically speaking, we’re all only as strong as our support systems. In recent years it’s become less and less popular in our culture to believe in God beyond some vague sense of a "higher power." Most do not pursue a daily active dialogue with our Creator. Consequently, there are more and more persons finding themselves without spiritual roots, feeling ungrounded and questioning the validity of having an active "faith" in God.

This book is for the spiritually hungry, those who are looking for real life inspiration. It’s for those who are looking for something concrete to take a hold of, and in which to find hope. Every once in a while in life we may encounter someone or something that is totally unexpected, that catches our attention, and that unfolds as an undeniable miracle which has the power to change our lives. The following is just such a story. Only, it’s not just a "story" at all. It really happened, and still is happening. This is the story about Grace, a patient of mine, who has helped open my eyes and helped my faith grow in ways I would not have guessed were possible. In the pages that follow it is my hope and prayer that you will be moved to better appreciate that God is very real, living, and actively seeking a more loving and intimate relationship with you.

Dr. Paul Schulze