Our Story

As the name Crossroads suggests, people usually come for help when they are at a place in their lives where they are experiencing conflict and have some difficult choices to make.
Our mission is to help people find some peace and direction in the conflict. We strive to do this with the following three priorities:

  • First, we encourage people to develop a personal and daily relationship with God. Without this, all our efforts are for naught. 
  • Second, we work with people to make peace with themselves by understanding their own conflicts, by recognizing their own strengths, and then by choosing to put these insights into action in healing directions.
  • Third, we work to help people make peace with others, by understanding the dynamics of healthy relationships, by learning to take responsibility for their own words and actions, and by learning and practicing healthy boundaries and priorities.

We are a small, private, group of licensed mental health professionals located in Queensbury, N.Y. Our primary purpose is to provide counseling and educational/workshop services from a Christian perspective. Additionally, we welcome clients from a wide variety of spiritual and philosophical viewpoints, including those who are not sure what they believe. Our fees are reasonable and we accept a variety of insurances. We also have a sliding fee scale for self pay clients.